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"J. J. Luna’s book helped me come up with several new ideas, which I plan to put into action in the next few months. Highly recommended!"
James Baker,; Ann Arbor, MI
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This website deals with LEGAL suggestions as to how to maintain your personal privacy. No question will be answered if it appears that you are trying to sidestep the law, or avoid paying taxes of any kind. All questions must be brief and to the point. (Only the most interesting messages of general interest will be posted. Please do not ask me to make personal decisions for you, such as how to get your name out of a database, or how you can rent an apartment without showing ID. Each case is different, but the basic principles are contained in my book.) No brokerage questions, please. I have no experience with the stock market, no interest in it, and no solutions when it comes to privacy. Also, I normally do not comment on other websites or services since I have no way of knowing if they are legitimate or not. -- JJL

Your comments and suggestions will be appreciated.  I do require your true first name and age. This helps me as I now have some way of referring to you, and I can sometimes better answer a question if I know your age and sex.

I also require your city and state (or city and province, or city and country) because this too may affect the way I answer your question.  (If you merely enter something like "USA" or "CA," your message will be deleted.)

Although not all questions will be answered and not all comments will be posted,  all will be personally read by me.

I reserve the right to shorten any post and/or do a minor edit for clarity.

If you want to show paragraphs, with a blank line in between, add <p> .  Otherwise, the words will all run together.

We're sorry, the submission process at this site is disabled. Please submit your questions at
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